The Iwappara Hot Spring at Sierra Resort Yuzawa boasts panoramic views, starry nights and limitless relaxation under the sky
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The outdoor bath is close and cozy, but the scenery is astounding !

On the south side of the hotel, our onsen is recommended for beautiful daytime views and stargazing at night.
Fresh seasonal breezes in naturally hot volcanic spring water

Steaming hot on your tired and longing skin, brisk air cooling as you rise out of the water. Onsen... the secret of the ages!
Our hot spring is fed by pure 'Iwappara no Yu'

Fountain quality: Alkaline simple hot spring
Effects: easing of muscular pain, neuralgia, joint pain and general aches and sprains; also recommended for people with chronic digestive disorders.
For chilled constitutions: In an alkali transparent colorlessness fountain, when soaking, the body is gently warmed from the core, the skin is dramatically relieved. Especially rejuvenating after sports and cleansing for the mind after hard work
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